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Heartland to Home

Alice Springs - Uluru - Central Desert Road - Home :-)

Heartland to Home

So here I am reporting from base camp now in South West WA and before the magic travel dust of the Heartland tour completely settles I’d better catch a few fragments/highlights from the journey.

So there we were playing a house concert in Alice Springs - Sari plays some of her vulnerable and poetic songs to open up. In walks a real life Green Heart Man who has dedicated himself to heartland healing work. He’s wearing a giant glowing green heart around himself and it feels like a pretty clear sign that we have indeed arrived…in the heart ( see the sunnies he gave Molly below:-) The Heartland .. after all those miles...

Twas a magical night. A highlight (and also a green light!) for me was reconnecting with an old playback theatre friend/mentor of mine who has now come on board to seed an exciting travelling theatre project with me called Sense of Human.. more on that later.

So Dave and I do our thing, sing up all the good stuff along with our audience; a dedicated desert crew passionately doing the yards to stand up for country (and a whole swag of other issues). The shared intentions, voices and humble takings from the night find their way further north to our friends, mobs who are also gathering, gathering from far and wide to Sing and Dance Up Country in a big way and stand strong against Fracking..

As we play our last song it begins to rain in that desert. That desert that was so hot the previous day that we’d felt compelled to drive 100kms to the closest waterhole. From 40 degrees one day to 4 degrees the next!

As we leave for Uluru (all fuelled up thanks to the Grease Monkeys ;-) having bid our farewells .. the rain keeps falling.. in fact thunder is rumbling all intense and magnificent across the desert. As the rain builds and reflecting on all the mobs singing up country .. its hard not to feel as if the country is responding.. We’re paying homage to the sacred heart of Australia .. the earth rumbles in unison … lightening across the desert …we make a camp, eat roo tails on the fire and watch/feel the show…..

we had to dig our truck out of the red mud in the morning…Yep bogged in the desert who’d a thought eh..

So anyway got out and we see silver trails of water shining on Uluru and hear frogs singing there..we’re all very happy. In meditation and in awe at Uluru I reflect on the 9 years since I’d been there last as a single person .. now all married up with a truck, three kids .. and miles and time under the belt. Feeling blessed.

At Yulara we catch up with Miss Max who’s doing a residency there and play a few tunes .. and .. get a golden haul of veggie oil.. then the road home starts to tug at us. We pay our respects at Kata Juta then find a beautiful bush camp just east of the Docker River … It’s a long way between drinks out there.. The Docker River Community is home to some amazing artists and it felt good to support a talented young woman there and buy a piece directly. Especially to support someone who lives in a place where the little shop prices are through the roof.. a tiny tube of gammin honey costs $9!

So we take on the epic Central Desert ‘Highway’. Its Corrugation carnage and … so … remote! and beautiful! and its corrugation carnage... did I say corrugation carnage? and its rain and more rain. Did i say rain? far out man. Then its a wild full moon... we’d like to be going slower but starting to look forward to getting home to base camp now.. proper long way.. after a very wet night where Sari and Greg’s tent almost went sailing/floating away we finally make it into Laverton where we spend an extremely rare night in a caravan park in order to dry bedding out. Bloody good hot shower though and a safe arrival rum to warm the bones. Bizarre how cold it was .. we’re all delirious and feeling very lucky .. an hour after we got through .. they closed the road.

After our night in Laverton its onto gold country.. Menzies shout, then we dig around in Kalgoorlie but no golden haul..its starting to get a bit dire but in the end its the small towns that often come through. It was in Coolgardie that these legends who run a family business happily give us the golden haul of oil that gets us all ..the ..way ..home.. We enjoy a couple of nights rest among the Gimlet trees and the smell of native sandalwood. Then home via big smoke of Freo and a beer with a few mates and family.

The last leg from Freo to Margaret River felt like a hop skip and a jump after all of our crazy miles.

So we made it .. such a rich journey since leaving in April and for the last leg with eight of us travelling in the one truck from Heartland to Home (as mentioned along with the big people this eight included a six year old, twin three year olds and a one year old ! :-).. all still friends like family.. the whole corrugated journey was completed on waste veggie oil, now clocking us nomadics mob up to the big 100,000 WVO (waste veggie oil) kms travelled :-) Holy Molly! the adventures, the magic and the wind .. and now we’re here trying to adjust to stillness after being so tuned in to our nomadic ways...

The community connection, miraculous orchids, ugg boots and pot belly fires soften the landing .. and yet it still feels surreal, this familiar place.. we’re unfamiliar.. expanded .. soft to the cold weather too, our blood all thinned out or something so we got nailed with a nasty cold/flu, and had to wade through asthma and snot town. Heroic locals, having come through a very long Winter understandably didn't have much sympathy.. and well thats fair enough.. :-) Then all of a sudden like the flick of a switch, the suns out and its glorious! Its seriously beautiful here, there’s the shed, fire bath, chooks, fruit trees and the kids get to have time with friends out at nature school. Love feeling the community connection…so many authentic families to help you feel you can be yourself. It does feel exciting to be able to take stock and plan for the next adventure though. There's some big ones on the cards. the first one is a jaunt through the South West for a little tour in December. Yew!! .. stay tuned.

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