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SO ..The heartland tour has well and truly begun !

We’ve made it to Kununurra and now to Katherine where we have had house concerts with legendary hosts. Since leaving Kooljaman it has been an epic whirlwind of events! .. all three of our children's birthdays ( yes our pride of Leo cubs!! Molly and Ned (now 3) and Gracie ( now 6 :-).. celebrated at one of our favourite camps called Whale Song where whales come to calf and Jacinta makes the BEST coffee and cheesecake in the middle of nowhere. A magic time.. YAHOOO!! ;-)

In Broome town we had a timely visit from Dave’s Mum and Dad, and amongst kids fevers, launched our album at the Broome Convention Centre, (which we LOVED it was just SO good to sing up music with such a magical audience in that great space! .. I really don't know if could've have gone any better.. it was so much fun!).. We also had the bustling time and honour of performing with Missy Higgins for her Broome shows and for Tanya Ransom for her epic album launch, not to mention markets gigs and Wil's wild Viking Fetish 50th birthday. We squeezed in some time out to Walmadan where we ate fresh mackerel and mudcrab and shared precious campfire time with dear friends.

So yes a very full time ... with lots to celebrate and rise to and with sicknesses and other challenges thrown in it sometimes feels like this artist parenting on the road lifestyle is extremely intensive resilience training ...there are so many brilliant benefits though..

And in Broome we welcomed aboard for the Heartland Tour our wonderful friend Sari (a true believer) and her adorable one year old Freeda. They couldn't resist the invitation to escape winter and join us on our intensive resilience training adventure- I mean Heartland tour.. ;-) Initially for the Alice Springs home to Margaret River legs and now with the glint, a wink and some leaps of faith are joining us for the entire journey.. i.e. Broome - ELQ - Kununurra - Katherine all the way across to east Arnhem Land/Nhulunbuy and back again down through the centre to Alice, Uluru and then south west along the central desert road and eventually down to Margaret River by mid October.. .. We honour their courage and are happy to have the extra help with our kids during gig times and though its another level in the trucky juggle its mad enough that it just might work. :-) .. might..being the operative word.. in truth like anything sometimes we thrive and sometimes we survive :-)

So now, as a band of seven, having farewelled our mobs in Broome (and what a precious mob they are!) we are on our way home .. the long way .. the peace pirate way .. and the waste veggie oil goddesses been smiling upon us!… after a moment of doubt when our usual source in Broome was dry, we were bowled over with hugs and oil from z and the Good Cartel. It seems that morale is strongly affected by how happy the children are and how well veggie oil is flowing.. The kids have been unwell so thankfully the oil has been flowing. El Quaestro treated us very well too; good gig, good crowd, and in the morning we had our first ever delivery of veggie oil directly to our truck from the maintenance guys.. gold! ;-) ..

It has been really, really, really hot and we counted about 37 stops on day 2 .. adds up when juggling 7 peoples needs :-).. hard digging too.. The swim in the Pentecost river was so well earned and its very satisfying to see how much the children appreciate the simple things after living a bit rough.. Its been very hard sometimes especially when everyone gets crook it cranks up the notch on the resilience building but I really want to celebrate the wins and the milestones of Molly learning to swim, and that Ned since ELQ can ride his pedal bike totally unassisted ... and Gracie can skin dive now ... and she can read! :-) ..

So anyway it felt great to play a house concert in the nurturing nest and company of good fairy art therapist Stacey in Kununurra. Especially when serendipity also reunited us with Chrisso and Kato and our dear elven friends Tully and Abi who just moved there from Sydney ..

In fact serendipity has been unfolding all over the place for this journey.. and theres also a sense of things coming full circle as I write this on Jayne's( who's responsible for the top half folk festival) deck in Katherine where this journey essentially began 9 years ago .. There's some poetry in that here tonight Dave and I'll play our songs together from our new album and .. with more battle scars and deeper laughing lines than ever we'll stand around Myrtle the mic and feel grateful for everything thats unfolded. Grateful for a rest day tomorrow and also that Glenn ( the man with the boat) out at Nhulunbuy is sorting out some waste oil for us and hopefully a gig on the beach as well...the r and r days feel very important at the moment as the adults fend off the sicknesses too with every potion available.. Freeda and Sari may have an option to hang out at Speargrass community and have a little break from all of the miles while we go really remote...and are thinking about it tomorrow will tell...there's excitement building as the mystery of Molonga the boat is getting closer to being revealed.. We'll be out of range until Nhulunbuy methinks..


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