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    We are having so much fun with this new way of doing things!.. our patrons receive all of our back catalogue of music and all of our new content, new songs, films, etc way before anyone else. Theres also lots of interactive stuff if people wish, live streams, Q&As on DIY stuff .. its a real co-creation .. we've got a bunch of new songs on the way and a huge off-grid family sea adventure beginning next month so theres lots to look forward to in 2021 :-) We love quality over quantity and we really look after those folks who are with us on this journey. Check it out

    Upcoming Shows

    Feb 5 - Bridgetown Pottery - The Nomadics w/ Tammy & Simon London ( Redtails)

    Feb 11-14 - Wild Village Festival - Dwellingup

    Feb 17 - Six Degrees - Albany - The Nomadics w/ Tammy & Simon London ( Redtails)

    Feb 18 - House Concert - Denmark The Nomadics w/ Tammy & Simon London ( Redtails)

    Feb 26 - Hive - Margaret River - The Nomadics w/ Tilly & Sammy

    April 22-24 - Fairbridge Festival - ALBUM LAUNCH ' Green Shoots from Dead Wood'

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  • the Nomadics

    Dave Mann & Bec Schofield

    THE NOMADICS - Bec Schofield and Dave Mann (and their three children)

    "The Nomadics imbibe stories from the heart of Australia, then sing them out with a deep love for the world around them and each other . Their stunning harmonies drew me in, reminding me, what a beautiful thing is music". VIKKI THORN - THE WAIFS

    “I’ve had the privilege of singing and harmonising with Bec and each time it’s been very magical, she carries the full force of the earth and motherhood within her... a beautiful singer and songwriter with an authentically Australian voice.” MISSY HIGGINS

    "The Nomadics write songs that feel as though they have risen from the expansive landscapes they traverse across. I can’t get through a set of theirs without clutching at my heart, tears in my eyes, and hope in my blood”

    "The tangible chemistry, skilful guitar and evocative melodies between these two talented musicians should be considered a national treasure" PETE FIRTH

    Lie back, close your eyes and be transported to remote Australia ..picture the red dirt and the turquoise sea .. you're lying in the shade of a gum tree, you're breathing and you can feel the heartbeat of this ancient land .. in the distance you hear another sound a rumbling, something deep and heavy .. you look .. and emerging from the haze comes a big blue house truck! It is chugging along on waste cooking oil .. is that what you can smell? .. as it approaches you see Bec Schofield, her husband Dave Mann and their three tousle-headed children ..yes it is THE NOMADICS rolling in and there is a campfire in your heart about to be sung right up!...

    A potent alchemy took place when Dave Mann and Bec Schofield - THE NOMADICS met a decade ago in the Northern Territory & they've been co-creating ever since, a musical repertoire, a family and a home on wheels. Though based in SW WA they're almost always on tour (now as a family of five!) playing concerts and festivals around Australia. The Nomadics play very remote areas and as they travel they home-school the kids and hunt for veggie oil – the liquid gold that keeps them on the road. Their adventures provide ample material for their songs and a rather different big blue – the ocean – is now firmly in their sights.THE NOMADICS were celebrated by RTR Radio in the top 3 highlights of Fairbridge Festival 2019! They sing songs of Country and family; breathing life into characters and stories that yearn to be heard and honoured. Their harmonies are so perfect it almost hurts as both are blessed with incredibly rich and soulful voices which meld seamlessly.

    At home on the big stage having shared it with a long list of Aussie icons including The Waifs and Missy Higgins yet their greatest love is to play intimate concerts preferably through a single mic. Vocal harmonies, banjo, slide and open-tunings come together to create their unique form of soul country music with its bare feet firmly planted in folk. Between them they have a stack of releases yet have only more recently released their first album together: 'Love is a Flood' the title track being inspired by the birth of their twins!! Listening to The Nomadics might make you weep but they are healing tears – tears that soothe and renew .. medicine for the soul as they 'sing up' a campfire in the heart of audiences wherever they go.


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    Its here! it's really here! Bec and I are currently sending out a few hundred copies of our brand spankin' new album to all those excellent people that funded it!! So excited! we also have some digital versions avail online an/or you can buy the physical version in our store on this site. It sounds really good, so you HAVE to buy one!!

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