Wadandi Boodja

This wonderful song 'Wadandi Boodja’ was nominated for a 2021 WAM song of the year award in the folk category and is the first song to be released from the new album 'Green Shoots from Dead Wood' by THE NOMADICS. This song & clip has had enthusiastic involvement & support from Wadandi Elders and Cultural Custodians and is fast becoming an anthem in Woodichup Bilya/Margaret River in the South West of Western Australia. Each line is sung in both Wadandi and English & is a fabulous offering to strengthen language and love/koorda for boodja/country. Artist Anton Blume has made use of an innovative double-exposure technique which exquisitely expresses intimacy with country which is at the heart of this song.


Rebellion is a catchy, anthemic song that emerged out of the Black Summer of 2020 when Australia was on fire and is, as a result, an edgier release for the married team of Bec Schofield and Dave Mann - The Nomadics! “We felt infuriated upon witnessing our government’s refusal to meet with the fire chiefs who’d been calling for climate action for some time to prevent the disaster,” says Bec. ‘You don’t speak for me… so don’t speak for me’. “The song expresses our frustration at being spoken for by leaders who have taken up too much airtime,” Bec continues, “and taken too little action.” Rebellion undulates with passionate, folk-hop vocals and soulful three-part harmonies over a funky upright bass, insistent drums and guitar solos wrapped within an overall infectious groove. 

Love is a Flood

Gratitude for this life shines through everything The Nomadics do – and it rubs off on their audiences. Listening to them might make you weep but they are healing tears – tears that sooth and renew - and the sheer beauty of their music is a reward in itself. Awaken a campfire in the heart! Love is a Flood is a beautifully recorded album by award winning producer James Newhouse. It features raw subtleties rarely heard on albums in this era. Basically - the pure performance and intimacy of these two singing and playing together and expressing their stories around a microphone. Together with some subtle backing from Dave's multi-instrument skills set and master of the pedal steel - Ben Franz.

Green Shoots from Dead Wood

"Green Shoots from Dead Wood" by The Nomadics is an extraordinary album that transcends expectations, weaving a tapestry of heart-clutching melodies and soulful harmonies. It is a testament to the duo's musical prowess and ability to touch the depths of emotions in listeners.

Mama Kin describes the album as a moving experience, saying, "I can't get through a song of theirs without clutching at my heart, tears in my eyes, and hope in my blood." The emotional depth and raw authenticity of The Nomadics' music strike a powerful chord, leaving a profound impact on those who listen.

Vikki Thorn of THE WAIFS eloquently captures the essence of The Nomadics' artistry, saying, "They imbibe stories from the heart of Australia, then sing them out with a deep love for the world and each other. Their stunning harmonies drew me in, reminding me of what a beautiful thing music truly is."

The album's intimate and authentic sound has earned the duo well-deserved recognition and awards in the country folk genre. The Nomadics' musical alchemy is precisely what the world needs, offering a rare and heartfelt connection through their songs.

With "Green Shoots from Dead Wood," The Nomadics have created an enchanting and unforgettable musical journey. Each track is a testament to their artistry and ability to breathe life into stories that resonate with audiences worldwide. Their award-winning music is a balm for the soul, touching hearts and reaffirming the power of music to unite and inspire.